Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are you considering laser hair treatment?

Pain is beauty, right? Well if you're at a laser hair treatment salon, make sure the pain you're feeling isn't dangerous! Laser Hair Removal is designed to remove unwanted hair from the body by directing lasers at the follicles to prevent any new growth. It has become popular because it can remove hair permanently, as opposed to waxing or shaving which only remove unsightly hair temporarily. However, be careful who you decide to let burn your hair off! This is a procedure that should only be performed by a qualified professional. Defective equipment or technician errors have resulted in severe injuries like hideous scarring or burns after a failed treatment.

In 2001, a 34-year investment banker filed a suit in NYC after receiving second and third degree burns on her face from laser hair removal. The scarring has left her so embarrassed that she won't date anymore and hides her face at her office. She wears coverings on her face to hide her scarring and plastic surgeons confirm that they cannot repair her face. She lives every day with the regret for trusting a spa which she says told her the treatments were safe and conducted by trained technicians.

While this is a great advancement for us gals who want to be bare and sexy everywhere, you have to be sure to make sure you're receiving safe laser hair treatment. To help protect yourself go to a medical professional who has had a lot of experience in performing these treatments. If you cannot afford a qualified medical professional, you may want to reconsider if getting rid of hair is worth the risk. If you think that it is make sure that you learn about the qualifications of the person who will be performing the treatment. In some states no formal training is even required! Yikes! Really do your research girls! This is important enough to split hairs about! This process can really do permanent damage if botched ... and no lawsuit can repair that.

For help choosing the right clinic for you, click here.

If you have been injured during a laser hair removal procedure you may wish to seek legal counsel. All injury claims are subject to strict time-limits; therefore you should seek immediate claim advice from a personal injury lawyer near you.

Laser Hair Treatment


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Gypsy at Heart said...

I did laser hair removal with the same dermatologist who has seen me for years. It worked beautifully. That was 5 years ago and I never got the hair back. Recommend the procedure highly if done with someone who has been professionally trained to administer the laser treatment.

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Testimonial Institute of Laser Medicine's patients, in Los Angeles

Lynne, age 43, Registered Nurse/ Nurse Educator:
"This treatment has been life changing for me. After three treatments and one follow-up after one year, my life-long facial hair problem is GONE! The virtually painless treatment and excellent staff have truly changed my life. Thank you!"

Silvia, age 43, General Manager
"The laser treatments have given me the freedom to not have to worry about constantly having to shave my legs. The best part is not dealing with rashes and irritations and ingrown hairs., My skin feels smooth and clean. The bikini line is also much improved since there is no irritation from shaving."
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