Monday, June 23, 2008

Costs for laser hair treatment

The cost of laser hair treatment depends on several factors including the area to be treated, the amount of hair growth on the area, the number of treatments needed, the type of laser used, the individual physician or practitioner, and your geographic location. Prices vary widely from clinic to clinic. Some also offer discounts for paying up front for multiple treatments.

Typical laser hair removal costs based on consumers reporting in UK 2008 :

Prices per 1 treatment
Upper Lip Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Chin Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Sideburns Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Cheeks Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Full Beard Prices : £86.00 - £100.00
Full Face Prices : £103.00 - £120.00
Upper Eyebrows Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Chest Prices : £86.00 - £100.00
Abdomen Prices : £86.00 - £100.00
Full Back Prices : £171.50 - £200.00
Shoulders Prices : £86.00 - £100.00
Hands or Feets Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Under Arms Prices : £43.00 - £50.00
Bikini Line Prices : £60.00 - £70.00
Full Public Prices : £103.00 - £120.00
Buttocks Prices : £86.00 - £100.00
3/4 Arms Prices : £129.00 - £150.00
Full Arms Prices : £171.50 - £200.00
Full Legs Prices : £257.50 - £300.00

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Testimonial Institute of Laser Medicine's patients, in Los Angeles

Lynne, age 43, Registered Nurse/ Nurse Educator:
"This treatment has been life changing for me. After three treatments and one follow-up after one year, my life-long facial hair problem is GONE! The virtually painless treatment and excellent staff have truly changed my life. Thank you!"

Silvia, age 43, General Manager
"The laser treatments have given me the freedom to not have to worry about constantly having to shave my legs. The best part is not dealing with rashes and irritations and ingrown hairs., My skin feels smooth and clean. The bikini line is also much improved since there is no irritation from shaving."
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